Desert Habitats
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seth`s sidewinder on PhotoPeach


In desert habitats many animals burrow underground
to keep cool. Each animal has its own way of keep
cool. The sidewinder lives in sandy places so
they can move through the sand.

They throw there bodies through
the sand. And sideways across
the sand. This is called
sidewinding. This way of moving
is easier than slithering straight.

The sidewinder eats mice, rats, lizards
and sand. The sidewinder also
has horns over there eyes
to protect them from the heat.The horns are like
The small horns like-visors is an
adaptation they developed.

Some plants store water in
their stems.
Shurbs grow in the desert.
Shrubs are
little bushy plants
in the desert.

The sidewinder leaves
paths in the sand. So it is easy
for preditors to find them.
The sidewinder is a common
name for the rattlesnake.

Deserts are one of the
driest places on
earth. Not often
it rains in the desert.
Water evaprates quickly. Not all deserts
are hot. Antartica is the largest and
driest cold desert on
earth. And the sahara desert is
the driest hot desert on earth.

The sidewinder is a type of
viper. That pushes up and foward
mainly with its head and tail.
Leaving its S-shaped indents in the desert sand.
the end